Erik Anderson returns to the Twin Cities, plots pop-ups

Behind the line at Sea Change
Behind the line at Sea Change
Photo courtesy Erik Anderson

He's appeared on the cover of Food & Wine magazine, been featured on PBS's The Mind of a Chef, and has dazzled the food world with his creations at Nashville's Catbird Seat. He left the acclaimed restaurant at the end of the year, and now Erik Anderson is once again calling Minneapolis home. 

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How excited are we? Well, as a city with a tight-knit food scene, very. Local chefs are already embracing him. Word from the team at Borough is the guys in the kitchen took a break from opening

their new Coup D'état

to help Anderson move into his new apartment.

While he looks to find a permanent kitchen spot, he will also be hosting a couple of pop-ups. According to his Twitter feed, one exclusive dinner will be held on January 26, and Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl reports that there will be at least two more at Haute Dish.

We would be surprised if something didn't materialize out of the Sea Change kitchen, where he still has ties to Jamie Malone, who replaced him as chef de cuisine when he left to open Catbird Seat.

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