Epic Sandwich: Wilde Roast Cafe's Mushroom Chicken

Epic Sandwich: Wilde Roast Cafe's Mushroom Chicken

The Wilde Roast Cafe in Northeast Minneapolis aims to celebrate the life of Oscar Wilde by decorating its space in an updated Victorian style. The place has a warm and charming feel to it and is known for their excellent sweets. They also serve a full breakfast, lunch and dinner on top of your typical coffee house fare.

I've been meaning to swing by this place for a quick break from work and decided that it was finally time for me to pull the trigger. I surveyed the menu online and found several viable lunch options. The Wilde Turkey Meatloaf sandwich sounded pretty good, but the unexpectedly warm weather--and the fact that and I've had some horrible poultry-based meatloaf experiences--swayed me away from comfort food. I was torn between the Constance Chicken (featuring grilled chicken, mozzarella, sautéed apples and grilled red onion), and the much more simplistic Mushroom Chicken (your classic chicken sandwich dressed up with portobella mushrooms and melted Swiss). Due to recent disasters with more elaborate sandwiches, I decided to stick with simplicity.

I opened the box containing my lunch and dug in to what amounted to...your standard chicken sandwich. The chicken was moist, but short of inspiring. The sautéed portobellas, however, were much the opposite: the mushrooms were perfectly cooked--not overcooked like the typical mush that tops warm sandwiches and burgers--and saturated with a flavorful marinade. They were the perfect accompanyment for the sandwiche, but not good enough to make up for the boring spring mix, chicken, and bun--or the lack of sauce.

Sandwich Rating: Good, not great. I was hoping the Wilde Roast Cafe could dress this classic up, but it fell short of the mark this time around. I'll head back to Wilde Roast Cafe, but likely to take a crack at satisfying my sweet tooth, or to try something from their intriguing breakfast menu.

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