Epic Sandwich: W.A. Frost's awesome patio and a decent sandwich


If you and your friends are looking for a great spot to enjoy a cocktail in the sun, then you should plan to head over to W.A. Frost. The ambiance is beautiful and the setting is perfectly tranquil, allowing for spirited, yet peaceful conversation. Now, if you're looking for loud music, an alcohol-infused crowd and general chaos, this is not your place (check-out Stellas).

Onto the grub. I think W.A. Frost usually has a pretty good bar menu (awesome lamb burger), though I've had some hits and misses there in the past. The safe play is their burger, which is fairly standard, but pairs perfectly with their extensive beer list. However, on this particular night I found it difficult to resist the allure of the sirloin sandwich.

A flour-dusted soft roll absorbs all the juices from a generous portion of well-seasoned sautéed sirloin. The beef was incredibly juicy, but tough enough to dislodge most of the filling on the first bite. The sandwich was swimming in a sauce of horseradish créme fraîche that was bountiful but lacked the expected horseradish kick and silenced the accompanying roasted red peppers. The bite and texture of the frisee was lost from the heat of the sirloin and blandness of the sauce, but the melted pepper jack cheese managed to provide the most convincing flavor component on the entire sandwich.

Sandwich Rating: Good, not great. The generous portions of steak help to balance out the blandness of the sauce, but overall this sandwich was just average. Although, enjoying some good company and a Lake Superior Mesabi Red in the sunshine is still a pretty good scene.

Epic Sandwich copyright 2009 by Teddy Hobbins