Epic Sandwich: Toppings make Chef Shack's dog tops

Epic Sandwich: Toppings make Chef Shack's dog tops
Teddy Hobbins

Hot dogs are made from nothing but lips and assholes, right? Well, I think there's no arguing that the quality of a hot dog can greatly vary, depending on who makes the dogs and where you purchase them, but the one thing I know for certain is that the hot dogs at the Chef Shack are of the highest quality and come with a wide selection of stunning gourmet toppings that make their dogs one of my favorite summer treats.

The Chef Shack sources their big, beefy dogs from Thousand Hills Cattle Company. The rich and dense grass-fed dog actually tastes like beef, not a miscellaneous mix of "meat," but this high-end version still supplies the traditional saltiness that makes these all-American favorites so good in the first place.

The unadorned dog fills out the provided tray and the friendly staff at the Shack is always quick to offer suggestions and point you in the direction of their awesome condiments table. I normally don't overload my dog (unless we're talking Chicago-style), but it's just far too easy to get carried away with all their unique choices. I chose a nice grainy mustard that boasted the sort of grit that triggers the realization that you are not enjoying just a commodity dog. The tang of the mustard offered a superb compliment to the sweet, snappy and colorful pickled onions that refused to yield to the saltiness of the dog. I had to throw on a few sport peppers for the sake of tradition, but despite all the awesome choices, the spicy kimchee spears (never tasted anything like this before) rose above the rest, yielding a sourness and some really nice heat to round everything out. Kimchee and hot dogs - not your typical combo, but that level of culinary creativity is just one of the reasons that the Chef Shack is so dangerous!

Sandwich Rating: Killer. The dog itself is truly awesome, and the crazy condiments only make them better. The Kimchee spears are easily my new favorite dog topping, and a trip to the Chef Shack should definitely be on your summer "must do" list.

Epic Sandwich Copyright 2009 by Teddy Hobbins

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