Epic Sandwich: The Muddy Pig's Amazing Cubano

Teddy Hobbins
One of the benefits of publishing this blog is that it enables me to really explore the local dinning scene. Not every sandwich is a winner, but I've been able to add a couple to my ever-evolving list. On top of the new experiences, I've found that this blog also gives me a venue to share some of my all-time favorites. This week seemed like the perfect opportunity to evangelize what I believe to be one of the best sandwiches in the entire state: The Muddy Pig's El Cubano.

This down-and-dirty sandwich piles tender pork atop a crackly, airy and flavorful baguette that serves as the ideal vehicle for organizing the contents of the sandwich. The fortune of moist roasted pork is delightfully deep and rich with a pure pork essence. A thin slice of ham rests on top of the pork mountain supplying extra salt and a subtle sweetness. Their amazing sweet and sour pickles bring a nice crunch, but also battle with the tangy yellow mustard for your taste buds' attention. To me it is this tangy and sour tandem along with heavenly hog that makes the Cubano so intriguing.

I was able to pick up faint hints of the melted Swiss cheese as I annihilated the sandwich which is really no small order given the bold flavors of the pork, mustard and powerful pickles. All the components of a traditional Cubano were there, and the Muddy Pig manages to execute everything so well, that it really stands out in my mind as the best area Cubano, and one of the best sandwich experiences in our fair state.

Sandwich Rating: Killer - And about as close to "Epic" as you can get. This isn't a "First Date" sandwich - or maybe even an "any date" sandwich, but when you are looking for something big, flavorful and unique, this is exactly what you want. The sandwich will cost you $10, but I think it's worth it - I had to remind myself to slow down and enjoy it.

*Dining Tip - The Muddy Pig also has one of the area's most amazing beer lists if you want to pair a craft brew with your sandwich.

Epic Sandwich Copyright 2009 by Teddy Hobbins