Epic Sandwich: The Butcher Block builds a killer short rib sandwich


To me, the construction of a sandwich is extremely important. You can craft a sandwich from premier ingredients, but if you bite in and all the fillings slip out and on to your pants, then you no longer have a sandwich - you have a mess. It's critical to pair flavors, but building a solid 'wich that can be easily enjoyed has its importance in my mind as well. Thankfully, my much anticipated first experience at The Butcher Block produced an awesome sandwich built for pure enjoyment.

I opened up my boxed lunch and instantly noticed that it was perfectly packed with all my goodies - a good sign. The long short rib sandwich easily unrolled from its foil which helped to insulate, but also keep the sandwich organized. The long thin baguette managed to hold in the over-abundance of the carefully braised short ribs that piled high on the loaf. I slid the top off to inspect the sandwich and noticed grill marks on the hearty baguette's underside. The rich braising jus had lightly softened the bread while the grill marks supplied a nice char-grilled element that elevated the flavor of the beef.

The short ribs were plentiful and meaty, and in my opinion, had an excellent flesh to fat ratio. The ideals of low and slow preparation were embraced and supplied a tender consistency and the bold taste you'd expect from such a flavorful cut of beef. It was no small accomplishment that the big tender chunks of beef, left to stew in their rich and robust liquid for so long managed to stay perfectly placed down to the last bite of the sandwich - the construction was never sloppy and completely satisfying.

Sandwich Rating: Killer. The sandwich was unpretentious and the plentiful short ribs were packed with flavor. This is the kind of sandwich you sit back and admire for a moment before you dive in. I knew from the first bite that someone had taken the time to make this special and the effort paid off.

*Sandwich note - The Butcher Block does box lunch orders over lunch - I'd call at least 20 minutes ahead for individual orders. They also serve sandwiches on their late night menu, and will likely save this eater from at least a handful of hangovers.

Epic Sandwich Copyright 2009 by Teddy Hobbins