Epic Sandwich: Surdyk's Deli provides quality and variety

A sample of the choices at Surdyk's Deli

A sample of the choices at Surdyk's Deli

Several local shops come to mind when I think of multi-purpose culinary rock stars, including Buon Giorno, France 44 Cheese Shop and Clancey's. You can also add Surdyk's Deli to that list. In addition to a first class cheese shop they also offer breads, baked goods, vinegars, oils and some really awesome sandwiches. Oh, and they also have a serious liquor store too, obviously.

Surdyk's usually has about eight different sandwiches to choose from daily, and since there were too many winners on my last trip I had to choose two half orders to take advantage of the variety.

The Surdyk's Panini ($4.99 for a whole) intrigued with a mix of smoked ham, Grafton Classic cheddar, sage-walnut pesto and caramelized onions. Ham and cheddar create a brilliant start in this climate as the sharpness of the cheese compliments the smoke and salt of the ham. A tongue teasing sage-walnut pesto featured apricots, which I thought would pair as well as Tiger Woods and fidelity, but the tang of the apricot worked well with the aromatic, yet outlasted the other flavors by a long shot. The only flaw was the overabundance of caramelized onions.

The Greek Griller ($4.99 for a whole) is essentially a Mediterranean grilled cheese leveraging Greek Kasseri sheep's milk cheese as the foundation. The Kasseri affably supplied both tanginess and the creamy consistency one demands from grilled cheese. I thought the kalamata olives, roma tomatoes and onions would absorb the accompanying oregano and compliment the rosemary in the bread, but the mix left the sandwich feeling a bit soggy and the herbs subdued.

Surdyk's Panini Sandwich Rating: Tasty. A great mix of flavorful ham, sharp cheese and a citrus/aromatic blend from the pesto for excitement.

Greek Griller Sandwich Rating: Good, not Great. The cheese shined per usual at Surdyk's, but the other toppings seemed more detrimental than beneficial. There are certainly better sandwiches to be had at this deli.

Epic Sandwich Copyright 2010 by Teddy Hobbins