Epic Sandwich: Sea Salt serves one mean Po' boy

Sea Salt's Catfish Po' Boy

Sea Salt's Catfish Po' Boy

I'd heard from several credible sources that Sea Salt serves some mean seafood in an awesome outdoor setting. Normally, I'd jump all over a tip, but I hesitated, because I can't eat shellfish: ingesting even one tiny shrimp leaves me feeling like a frat brother the morning after the opening of TCF stadium. Despite my intolerance for shellfish, the warm sun, fine weather and a serious hankering for some southern-inspired food propelled me to this Minnehaha-adjacent eatery.

Needless to say, I didn't have a ton of choice when I perused the menu, but the catfish Po' boy ($9.95) likely would have won out even if I was able to eat shellfish on account of my deep love for this southern sandwich. They serve their Po' boys "dressed" (lettuce, tomato and mayo), but instead of using the traditional mayo, they sub in tartar sauce which adds a nice salty/sour tone.

I will mention that you have to pack some patience when you order, but the wait proves to be well worth it. The soft French roll is buttered and grilled before it gets a healthy--or not--slather of tartar sauce, some shredded iceberg and fresh tomatoes. The sandwich is stuffed with a triumphantly thick and flaky catfish fillet that is fried to a perfect golden brown. The ideal amount of breading is used and the seasoning (Old Bay?) brings on a Creole heat that excites your tongue, but doesn't over power the integrity of this flavorful fish. I would have preferred a bit more crunch from the batter (isn't that why we fry in the first place?) but the flavors were exciting and fresh especially when you add in a few dashes of really good hot sauce. In all, between the heat, bold seasoning, and cooling sauce, it was everything a Po' boy should be.

Sandwich Rating: Killer. Their version of the Po' boy may not be the most authentic, but in terms of flavor it could hang with the best of the Crescent City. Sea Salt closes for the season on Oct 25th, so get over there while you still can.

Dining Tip: If you love hot sauce, Sea Salt has one of the best selections I've seen outside of Cajun Country.

Epic Sandwich copyright 2009 by Teddy Hobbins