Epic Sandwich: Nick and Eddie's crispy bacon carries their CBLT


Americans (well, most of them) love their meat. Many cultures treat animal protein as a side dish, or even a garnish, but we seem to like to feature it as the star of the meal. So much so that a good old BLT sometimes just isn't enough. After all, why should we settle for a few strips of bacon when we can add a whole grilled chicken breast to it? That was exactly the way I felt when I ordered the Chicken BLT at Nick and Eddie.

There are only a handful of sandwiches that rely on so few ingredients, making it especially easy to distinguish a good BLT from a bad one. Nick and Eddie managed to get the nod for their bacon - if you can't pass the bacon test, your ship is sunk. The crisp swine was salty with a deep pork flavor, but managed not to shrivel into nothing during the cooking process. The bacon actually arrived in large chunks, rather than strips which I thought was odd, but the texture and flavor was there.

The grilled chicken breast could do one of two things: Elevate the flavor of the bacon, or completely distract you from it. This mammoth piece of chicken had a craveable char on it, and the N&E spice mix (I think they use it on their grilled fish too) makes for an excellent flavor agent. I did think that the breast was a little on the dry side, though.

Unfortunately, the L and T portion of the equation did not follow suit. The lettuce on the sandwich offered a little crunch, but romaine just isn't that exciting. The tomatoes were small, and ruby red, but also totally devoid of any excitement. I think the flavor of the tomato may have been left back at the prep station. Fortunately the nice eggy bread took favorably to toasting, and created the third prong to round out the crispy bacon and char-grilled chicken BLT triumvirate.

Sandwich Rating: Tasty. The crispy bacon and grilled chicken helped to make up for the sins of the fresh ingredients, while the mute tomatoes have me in eager anticipation of the tomato bounty that is sure to thrive in the coming weeks.

Epic Sandwich Copyright 2009 by Teddy Hobbins