Epic Sandwich: Lunch Cube Chairman panini

Epic Sandwich: Lunch Cube Chairman panini

My experiences with sandwich delivery have usually been pretty uninspiring: inevitably, the sandwich will have endured significant neglect on it's path to my plate--and it won't be what I ordered. The new The Lunch Cube has made me a believer in the feasibility of decent delivery. Normally, I'd step out and grab something, but it was so spirit-breaking cold last week that I threw reason out the door and ordered from this downtown Minneapolis lunch joint that seems dedicated to putting the sexy back in sandwich delivery.

After weighing several appealing menu options (roast beef with gouda, Asian Chicken), I settled on the Chairman Panini. Much to my surprise, the sandwich actually arrived on time and I was pleased to find that it was well insulated in a sturdy suit of aluminum foil to ward off the chill.

I sunk my teeth in and found the pastrami was perfectly beefy and lean--and yielded a spiciness stiff enough to make a bottle of Viagra envious. The jalapeño relish lacked the zest the menu touted, but the sweetness the sautéed peppers complimented the bold pastrami and the perfectly tangy, smoked tomato aioli. The melted provolone provided a degree of creamy comfort that almost makes you feel like you aren't a complete lunatic for living in this state. I was so surprised by the sandwich's success given my low expectations for sandwich delivery, that I didn't realize they used the wrong bread until the last bite.

Sandwich Rating: Tasty. Not spectacular, but much better then anything else I've found out there in the world of sandwich delivery. I'll definitely order from the Lunch Cube again, especially on those days when I can't even stand the thought of dragging my bones out in the cold to get something to eat.

Epic Sandwich copyright 2009 by Teddy Hobbins

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