Epic Sandwich: Lunch at Spoonriver capitalizes on fresh ingredients

Epic Sandwich: Lunch at Spoonriver capitalizes on fresh ingredients

It would be tough to truly care about the food you eat and not notice that the Minnesota farmers market scene is in full swing. Mill City, among others, has been up and running since early May and Kingfield sprung into action this past weekend. All the promise of fresh produce and locally raised goods got my appetite going, so I decided to swing by Spoonriver for lunch to help celebrate spring's bounty.

Spoonriver's owner, Brenda Langton, was serving local and sustainably raised foods before they became behemoth buzz words.The menu is fresh, celebrating local fare, but also offers a few items outside of seasonality for diversity. There are a few sandwiches on the lunch menu, so I decided to see if their Wild Acres turkey sandwich could take something so traditionally boring and make it really sing.

I was delighted to see that the chunky roasted turkey was fresh and plentiful resembling the carving board variety as opposed to the all-too-familiar compressed chemically spruced-up slices. The turkey held its moisture well and was served on a soft and richly textured multi-grain bread that lacked the strength to hold together the impressive heft of the other ingredients. The sandwich was adorned with some potent red onions, tender lettuce (possibly butter), thick slices of rich avocado and ripe tomatoes. The freshness of the ingredients was second to none, coaxing all the potential from what water, soil and sunlight can create. Lastly, the pinnacle of the sandwich was their fragrantly spiced herb mayonnaise. It was simply addictive, and although I couldn't name all of the components, I would have eaten it by the spoonful (OK, that's gross and a lie, but the stuff was good).

Sandwich Rating: Tasty. The abundant toppings were light and flavorful, leaving me satisfied yet refreshed and inspired to make the most of the increasingly plentiful spring and soon-to-be, summer produce.

Epic Sandwich copyright 2009 by Teddy Hobbins

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