Epic Sandwich: Edina Grill's new-school meatloaf sandwich

Edina Grill's Blue Plate Meatloaf Sandwich

Edina Grill's Blue Plate Meatloaf Sandwich

The menu at the Edina Grill is resolute in claiming that their Blue Plate Meatloaf Sandwich ($11) is "better than your Mom's." Now, I'm not saying I agree with that statement--it's tough to beat meatloaf stuffed with ham and Italian cheeses--and neither would most moms, but I will say that it's pretty darn good.

Like many of the dishes at the Edina Grill, the kitchen adds a few wrinkles to this classic. For starters, they grill a serious slice of the savory pre-roasted meat loaf to add a nice char flavor and crust. Instead of coating everything in the typical ketchup, BBQ sauce, or cheese they swing for the fences with a chipotle ketchup that brings a bit of smoke to the table. I'm not a believer in the adding-chipotle-to-everything trend, but this sauce had a nice kick. Fresh tomato was also a welcome twist that had me thinking this sandwich was more like a meatloaf-burger hybrid: Awesome.

A creamy horseradish sauce helped to cut through the strong presence of onion, but adding it on top of the ketchup left the sandwich as over-sauced as your high school friends at the bar on Thanksgiving Eve.

Sandwich Rating: Tasty. Leaving both sauces on the side, or dialing the ketchup back a bit would help bring some needed balance to this classic sandwich, but the savory meatloaf with the smoky accents and grilled exterior make for a pretty comforting lunch--even if it isn't quite as good as my mom's.

Epic Sandwich copyright 2009 by Teddy Hobbins