Epic Sandwich: Colossal Cafe's scratch biscuit sandwich

Colossal Cafe's egg, swiss and ham breakfast biscuit

Colossal Cafe's egg, swiss and ham breakfast biscuit

The first decision you'll make at the Colossal Café is whether you're going to give people the butt or the crotch as you weave past them to get to one of the few open seats. Anyone that's been there knows that despite the name, the place is astonishingly tiny and although the proximity can be a bit uncomfortable, I promise the food is worth it.

They're killing scratch comfort food and they serve it up in large, affordable portions. I've been hearing about their biscuit sandwiches for years and I finally crawled my way (literally) over a few folks to get one. The sandwich is large enough to strike fear in the heart of an egg McMuffin , but the product is on a different level. The scratch biscuit is enormous, with a dense crumb and a butter finish. They fold what must have been 3-4 scrambled eggs on top of a generous pile of ham that managed to pick up all of the seasoning from their over-worked griddle. A big slice of melted Swiss tops everything off and courageously binds all the other ingredients together - no small task for such a large sandwich. I did need a bit of pepper to balance all the salt and the eggs were a bit overwhelming, but I'll never turn down a hearty portion this time of year.

Sandwich Rating: Killer. If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I'd want to come back as Colossal Café's flat top. After all, that was the surface that helped construct the salty seared ham, fluffy dense eggs and a melted quilt of cheese. That and a righteous biscuit would be a great way to start off every morning.

Epic Sandwich copyright 2010 by Teddy Hobbins