Epic Sandwich: Buster's on 28th's Roast Beef Panini


I'm always game for chasing a good sandwich tip. While I pride myself on finding some pretty good ones, I've had my share of flops, too. The other day I received an always welcome recommendation for the club sandwich at Buster's on 28th, from someone I consider to be a very credible source. The suggestion begged the thought, "A club sandwich? Really? That's not much to get excited about." That was until I took a look at their online menu.

The reason the sandwich sounded so enticing was the fact that it featured truffled ham and sage aioli - now that sounds killer. When I arrived at the bar to place my order, I couldn't help but notice that the bar menu described a much more pedestrian version that pretty much resembled the standard club sandwich I was so skeptical of in the first place. I immediatly backpedaled and switched my order to the roast beef panini touting housemade made roast beef, portabella mushrooms, roasted poblanos and fontina cheese. I felt bad about not taking the advice, but the menu curveball threw me for a loop.

I lquickly learned that you shouldn't waiver if you get what seems like good advice. The sandwich I recieved had an unappealing burnt potato chip color to it. (The cause was likely an abundance of old overcooked butter or oil from the grill which would also explian why the sandwich was so soggy.) I always appreciate the effort to make things in-house, but the roast beef was tough and bland. It failed to yield to my first bite, carrying the other soggy ingredients with it. The poblanos offered nothing and acted more as a slip n' slide for the dull and slippery mushrooms. Unfortunatley, the sandwich lacked any real flavor and begged for heat and seasoning.

Sandwich Rating: Hey, It's Nourishment. I'm so disapointed I didn't go with the recommendation, but the menu change left me little choice. I would maybe go back to Buster's on 28th for beers (their list is second only to the Muddy Pig, in my opinion) if I had a good reason, but probably won't eat anything unless I can find myself re-inspired by the promise of truffled meats and fragrant aiolis.

Epic Sandwich copyright 2009 by Teddy Hobbins