Epic Sandwich: Brasa's killer Creole chicken sandwich


I've been enamored with Alex Roberts' food ever since I first dined at Restaurant Alma a few years ago. I enjoyed an incredible meal, but left slightly unsatisfied knowing that eating at his restaurant couldn't feasibly be a frequent experience for me. Thankfully, Roberts eventually came up with Brasa, a quick-service rotisserie that serves up traditional Creole cooking that just about everyone can (and should) enjoy.

I was feeling like some of Brasa's killer chicken the other day, so I decided to order the pulled chicken with smoked pepper sauce and cabbage salad sandwich. I was expecting the typical shredded chicken with some good BBQ sauce and a slaw-like garnish on top. What I was actually served that day crushed those expectations and was more along the lines of a well-spiced, Latin-inspired warm chicken salad.

This sandwich is essentially a large pile of slow-roasted Kadejan Farms chicken served on top of a perfectly soft and salty ciabatta bun dripping with more juices then a a first-timer at hot yoga. The mixture of light and dark meat create a creamy texture and a richness that is tough to beat. The savory salad is no slouch in the zip department packing a punch from a posse of spices, that I won't even venture to try and identify. The smoky sauce they mix in adds a nice bit of subtle heat that really lifts all the accompanying flavors.

The crisp cabbage slaw gets mixed right in and offers a bit of crunch to the creamy salad while some sautéed jalapeño and chopped cilantro offer a killer ending to this sandwich experience.

Sandwich Rating: Killer. This Creole creation is unique in concept and leverages the best available ingredients to make it shine. The whole concept of Brasa Rotisserie is sheer brilliance and the pulled chicken sandwich isn't far behind.

Epic Sandwich copyright 2009 by Teddy Hobbins