Epic Sandwich: Blue Door Pub's Frenchy Blucy


Almost every restaurant/bar in the Twin Cities has some sort of hook to entice customers despite the economy. Prix fixe menus are everywhere as are Sunday Suppers, Date Night Specials, and extended happy hours. All of the above are good reasons to check out any of our fine local dining establishments, but the new-ish Blue Door Pub's consumer engagment tactic may be among the coolest.

The "Blucy of the Moment" online contest encourages customers to build their own Blucy (The BDP's version of a Juicy Lucy) with the opportunity to be featured on their menu. The first winner was the Frenchy Blucy (beating out mexican, greek and italian inspired creations), which substitutes swiss in the middle of the patty and is covered in onions and more swiss on top. But the burger's defining component--that sets this winner apart from the pack--is its side of au jus!

I trekked out to the jammed St. Paul bar last Saturday and ordered the Frenchy, making sure to restrained myself from devouring it for 2-3 minutes so as to avoid a nasty molten swiss cheese blowout. Eventually, I picked it up , did a quick au jus cannonball and took a bite.

The burger was perfectly juicy with a great salty kick from the cheese and au jus. I didn't get the sweetness I would have expected from the onions, but the perfectly cooked burger and all that ooey-gooey cheese harmonized well, and the earthy, salty au jus soaked through every bite, adding an extra burst of flavor. The burger buns are buttery and soft enough to provide maximum au jus saturation. If you like your italian beef sandwiched served "wet" you'll love this burger.

Sandwich Rating: Killer. I'll be back to the Blue Door Pub to try a few of their other offerings for sure. I may even submit an idea for the next round of the contest--but I'm not telling what it is.

Epic Sandwich Copyright 2009 by Teddy Hobbins