Epic Sandwich: Be'Wiched Deli's Pulled Pork


Be'Wiched Deli has quickly elevated itself to my go-to lunch joint. This sandwich haven run by two chefs who have cooked at LBV, Solera, D'Amico Cucina, and Restaurant Alma, among others, treats all of its ingredients with serious respect. They cure and smoke their own meats, and pair them with inventive fillings to tantalize the weary North Loop lunch crowd.

Recent pleasant experiences include a meltingly tender roast beef, havarti, horseradish and onion jam darling and an amazing smoked turkey sandwich with bacon, medjool dates and goat cheese - seriously, how do you even think of that?

After an extended absence, I stopped in to make sure they were still solid--and they are. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and guided me through the menu easily. You can order one of the monstrous sandwiches by itself (you always get a few spicy house-made pickles and a precious scoop of salad) or you can order a half sandwich and soup or salad combo complete with drink. I was feeling like a quick deep south escape, so I landed on the pulled pork with dark spice and slaw and a glass of iced tea. It was pretty cold outside so I ordered their Thousand Hills beef and noodle soup, as well, to help warm me up.

When the sandwich and it's entourage came, I resisted the sandwich momentarily and dug into the amazing soup. It tasted like a pot roast bathing in a beefy broth with a few perfectly al dente noodles. Next, I sprinkled some pepper on the slaw atop my pile of pork and got to work. The pork was tender, strong and dark with a sweet finish similar to KC BBQ. The the slaw got lost amidst the dark spice, but the vinegary and spicy house-made pickles more then made up for the loss.The sandwich was not served on the onion bun as advertised, and although the substituted soft baguette filled in nicely, I feel that the bun would have elevated the sandwich even more. I quickly downed the little scoop of my now-favorite potato and egg salad and slurped down the rest of my iced tea to round out my southern escape.

Sandwich Rating: Killer. The robust pork and perfect pickles were enough to make this one a winner (simplicity at it's finest). I was really surprised at how well Be'Wiched executed everything they served me and highly recommend that you swing by and try it. You won't regret it.

Epic Sandwich copyright 2009 by Teddy Hobbins