Enter the battle of the cheese balls this Sunday at Linden Hills Farmer’s Market

Put your best cheese ball forward this Sunday.

Put your best cheese ball forward this Sunday. Photo courtesy of Linden Hills Farmer's Market Facebook Page

You know that port wine-stained ball of processed cheese studded with unidentifiable nuts that stood, ubiquitously and proudly on your grandma’s holiday table for all 52 years that she cooked Christmas dinner? Delicious!

We all know kitsch is half the fun during the holidays, if that weren’t true the ugly sweater trend would have died the slow painful death it was supposed to by now. But, no! Just try to find an ugly sweater this week. It’s gonna cost you.

But cheese is never in short supply, and with a little imagination, you could be crowned king or queen of the cheese ball, complete with blue ribbon and an actual crown. (Here’s hoping that it too will be made of cheese.)

Bring your cheese ball to the Linden Hills Farmer’s market this Sunday -- you can sign up by emailing [email protected] -- and guest judges will taste, judge, and crown a winner. (Again, fingers crossed it's a cheese crown.)

This is no time to stay within the sphere. Take to the internets and discover all sorts of inspiration for making your ball stand out. Processed cheese sculpts like fine potter’s clay, so why not a Christmas tree, a snowman, a pine cone, or our favorite, a flayed man face? (Click that link at your own risk.)

Local chefs and food celebs Beth Dooley, Tricia Cornell, Theresa Marrone, and Robin Asbell will be on hand to up the competition, so think big, people.

Cheese balls to the wall! 

Pro tip: Santa will be in the house, and beer, wine, and hard cider will be served with proceeds going to toward reducing farmer’s market stall fees.

Drinking for a good cause. It's almost as tasty as cheese balls.

December 18
10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Linden Hills Farmer’s Market
3723 W. 44th St., Minneapolis