Enjoy a meat slurry nugget

Nope, it's not strawberry ice cream...
Nope, it's not strawberry ice cream...
via Foodeducate.com

Is it too early on Monday morning to discuss mechanically separated meat?

Because that's what you're seeing in the picture, an image that's shows exactly what your chicken nuggets look like pre-frying.

This meat paste -- also known as slurry -- is created by machines that suck the stray bits of meat off leftover bones according to Foodeducate.com. The resulting pink slush is then artificially flavored (apparently these bits don't taste like chicken) and dyed (not even Barbie wants hot-pink food). Bread that shizz and you've got yourself a basic chicken nugget.

The thing is, most people don't care that they're eating what the food industry calls Advanced Meat Recovery. The proof is in the meat-paste pudding: Brit chef Jamie Oliver tried to scare American kids by showing them exactly how chicken nuggets are made, slurry and all. The result? Even though the kids watched Oliver mulch up chicken skin, connective tissue and bone into a paste, they still wanted the resulting nuggets -- much to Oliver's horror.

If that's not enough to put you off your lunch entirely, why not take a gander at how your olive loaf, bologna, and headcheese was produced in this episode of Modern Marvels: History of Cold Cuts.

Buckle up.

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