Emconadas: A first look at the spicy, savory street eats

Meat in cones
Meat in cones

It's a cone! It's an empanada! It's an emconada! One of the gentlemen from this truck was canvassing the sidewalk, enticing passersby to take the quick out of their downtown Minneapolis I've-got-business-to-get-to step and linger over a spicy bite of their wares. Just one bite had most of them hooked.

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One order of the chicken emconadas ($7.50 for two) arrives packed with saucy, tender meat, graced with a roasted, slow-burn tomato salsa, and packed into a fried, rolled up tortilla. They arrive atop either a pile of bright, saffron-colored rice or a salad, depending on the diner's choice. The rice was studded with green beans, peas, and carrots and was mild in flavor.

Easy to eat on the streets
Easy to eat on the streets

The cones are easy to handle and nibble on while walking down the street -- no need to wait to get to your destination. Amble down the crowded sidewalks, feast on the flaky fried tortilla-like empanada dough, and take a moment to look up. Part of the fun of eating from these street vendors is the spontaneity of stumbling upon a new treat, out in our wild, urban element.

Emconada Food Truck

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