El Gnomo Hipster at Happy Gnome: Challenge your palate with a chili-mint margarita

El Gnomo Hipster Happy Gnome $11

Cocktail lovers, especially those who find themselves attached in one way or another to a high-level beer snob, rejoice. Now, when you're tagging along for a beer dinner or the tapping of a rare firkin at the Selby-Dale scotch and suds spot The Happy Gnome, there's something for you: their newly launched specialty cocktail list.

If you're of the fruitier persuasion you must try the Black & Blue mojito, made with blackberry syrup and fresh muddled blueberries, a patio sipping dream. But when you're craving something different, something with a kick, something with a certain je ne sais quoi, El Gnomo Hipster to the rescue.

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The appeal of this drink is hard to pin down, but as a package deal, it works. Start with a healthy pour of Don Julio Anejo and Cointreau and, if it's a good and strong margarita you're after, you're already there. Where El Gnomo Hipster veers off the beaten path is with the addition of a subtly sweet chili-mint syrup, and an overtly savory chili-salt rim. Like many garden variety hipsters, this brash, in-your-face garnish verges on off-putting while challenging your standards of palatable.

It's spicy, surprising, and yes, pretty darn hip. We see this as a brunch cocktail to rival the Bloody Mary, with its mix of sweet, vegetal, herbal flavors and hair of the dog effect. El Gnomo Hipster's got enough of a kick to wake up the senses before or after the densest brunch this joint can dish up, whether you need to keep up with the conversation or lurch yourself out of a food coma. Keep the beer geeks, scotch aficionados, and the budding mixologists in your life happy, at the happiest of homes for knocking a few back on Selby-Dale.

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