Eggy’s Diner makes its way from Chicago to Loring Park

Belly up to the bar for a breakfast drink

Belly up to the bar for a breakfast drink

Picture yourself in a TV sitcom, with a friendly neighborhood breakfast spot where you start your weekdays with a strong cup of coffee on the way to work and then switch to bloody Mary's or mimosas to ease you down from your Friday and Saturday nights on the town. For residents of Loring Park, that spot is Eggy’s, a breakfast- and lunch-only place in the soaring LPM Apartments building that towers over Nicollet Avenue right before it reaches downtown Minneapolis.

For residents of the apartment building, what could be better than to roll out of bed on the weekend, run a comb through your hair, pull on a pair of sweats and take the elevator down to the smell of eggs and freshly brewed coffee? Eggy’s is the kind of place where you just know that within a few weeks, the staff will be greeting regulars by name (as seen on TV). But they love first-timers, too. The entire crew, from the manager to the host to the servers, seems genuinely happy to see everyone who walks through the door. In that way, the place has a very neighborhoody vibe, which is quite an accomplishment for a new restaurant, especially considering it is the second outpost of a Chicago-based company.

The menu is billed as “urban comfort food,” but never quite defines what that is. Best guess? Unfussy breakfast and lunch favorites served in a sleek, if slightly off-the-hipster-rack setting in a part of Loring Park that has seen lots of development in the past few years. The restaurant offers above average iterations of the dishes you would expect to find on a diner menu, from pancakes and waffles to tuna melts and burgers. The menu is extensive and the portions are generous; the biscuits and gravy, with two huge biscuits and a nicely nuanced sausage gravy, will defeat all but the biggest appetites. The Irish skillet combines crispy potatoes with corned beef, onions, and cheddar, topped by two eggs.

As an added bonus, there’s a liquor license, so you can enjoy the aforementioned bloody Mary's and mimosas as well as the house drink, a Bloody Derby, made with bacon-infused bourbon. If you’re trying to hide your day drinking, you can opt for a little Bailey’s in your coffee. Only you and your server need to know it’s not really cream. There’s also a short list of local beers. If you’re sticking to the straight and narrow, you can get an endless pot of coffee for the table, or go with something fancier like a latte or mocha.

The interior is bright and airy – and very orange; if you’re a bit hungover the morning after, you might want to bring your Ray-Bans. The front wall of the restaurant is all windows, making the space feel bigger than it is. The walls are decorated with shelves filled with all manner of Eggy’s branded merchandise like baseball caps and coffee mugs. There are the seemingly obligatory industrial light fixtures, paired oddly with faux antique newspaper wallpaper at the bar area, and plenty of booths, including commodious seating for groups.

Whether you want breakfast for lunch or lunch for breakfast, booze with your eggs or coffee with your sandwich, you can have it your way at Eggy’s.

All orange all the time, the eye-popping but comfy interior at Eggy's.

All orange all the time, the eye-popping but comfy interior at Eggy's.

Eggy’s Diner

120 W. 14th St., Minneapolis


Open 7 days a week, 7 a.m. – 3 p.m.