Eggs and Om


Are you sick of me blogging about eggs yet? Get used to it. Once our little chicks find their way into our house I will be talking about chickens 24/7. I had a few gorgeous eggs left over from a visit to LTD farm that I mentioned in last week's post, but I can't bring myself to use them all at once. Instead I split them between standard organic eggs from the co-op and the homegrown sort. While the taste may not be that distinguishable, you can see the difference. LTD's are more deeply colored yellow because they get a more natural chlorophyll-filled diet rather than a feed-based one. Just another reason to grow your own, my friends.

After going to a new vendor preview for the Mill City Farmers Market, my hunger wasn't quite sated. After trying the delicious curry served up by the ladies at Curry Lane, my dining partner and I decided our appetites were ready for more Indian food. We headed to Om, and since we had had a nice assortment of appetizers at Spoonriver, we decided to continue the trend and only order starters and small dishes. This is a picture of the quite tasty Tapioca Pearl Fritters, just one of the four dishes we polished off by the end of the evening.

A few weeks ago I was approached about being the official blogger for one of the restaurants in the Cities supporting the Fresh movie series. My particular restaurant just so happened to be the Red Stag (hard for me to turn down), and this was our first course of Bibb salad made with lemon cream, tarragon, and house-made ricotta salata. The addition of the crunchy black sea salt did wonders for the texture of the salad, but in conjunction with the salty-by-nature ricotta salata cheese, "salty" is the prominent word that pops into my head when recalling the flavor.

I had another wonderful meal thanks to Daniel Klein at The Perennial Plate last Saturday. The first course was a chilled pumpkin and carrot soup. While these hearty vegetables may not scream "spring," when treated correctly both of these "winter vegetables" can last through April in the perfect cellar climate. When eating local is the theme, you need to do what you can so early in the growing season.


Yesterday I got a last-minute invite to check out Forum, the newest restaurant to the Minneapolis dining scene (today marks its grand opening). I did get there reasonably late (around 8:30), so there wasn't much food to be had, but the interior is well worth a visit for a drink at the very least. The space is listed on the historical register and vintage is definitely the theme. Break out that sea foam dress or skinny suit and tie and head on down--you'll fit right in.