Edina's Top 5 restaurants at 50th and France

Edina's 50th and France has a few new eateries in the works that we're excited about, including Mozza Mia and Cocina del Barrio, which are anticipated to debut later this year. (Will Edinians really do "dorky"?) In the meantime, here are some of our favorite spots to eat at the tony intersection:

Edina's Top 5 restaurants at 50th and France

5. Edina Grill The Edina outpost is the swankest of the Blue Plate company's eateries, outfitted with both plenty of pretty sidewalk seating and a full liquor license. While we like many of the Blue Plate lunch and dinner standards, like the tempura green beans and the meatloaf sandwich, we tend to prefer it as a breakfast spot for one main reason: the Killer Banana Waffles.

Edina's Top 5 restaurants at 50th and France

4. Salut Paris meets pizza, pasta, and all the rest at this Parasole crowd pleaser. Fresh oysters, steak frites, and escargot for the Francophiles, pepperoni for the kids, and all of it tends to be respectably prepared. Cake eaters will love the monstrous desserts, like the ice cream sundae that comes in a martini glass the size of your head. There's also often a buzzing bar crowd consisting mostly of the big blinged and bleached blonde.  

3. Beaujo's This low-profile, cozy wine bar serves homey soups, salads, sandwiches and just a couple of entrees. It places more of an emphasis on wine (available by the bottle, glass, or, helpfully, the half-glass) and beer (short but well-curated list of taps and bottles) and a relaxing mood.  

Edina's Top 5 restaurants at 50th and France

2. D'Amico & Sons The D'Amico's have been anchoring this intersection for years and years--now that Tejas is gone and Pearson's looks to be on its last legs, they'll be considered the old-timers. But a lot of D'Amico classics have staying power: the three-salad combo plates, the soups, the sandwiches, the fancy desserts, and, of course, the bottomless glass of house wine.  

Edina's Top 5 restaurants at 50th and France
Daniel Corrigan

1. Raku This newcomer brings sushi to a neighborhood that's been waiting for it for decades. But there's far more than raw fish, udon noodles, and gyoza on the menu. Raku serves several Western and fusion entrees, such as grilled lamb chops with goat cheese and, one of our faves, a crab-topped salmon dressed with a wasabi/sake/soy sauce blend and a side of Latin guacamole.

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