Edina Grill's petite cocktails make it the happy hour of the week

Edina Grill
5028 France Ave S., Edina

Hours and Details:
Monday - Friday, 3-6 p.m.
$3 Kenwood Table red and white
$3 Summit Pilsner and Ranger IPA bottles
$3 Petite cocktails: tropical mint, rum punch, cucumber agave martini, spiked pear, sweet and spicy margarita, and the tornado
1/2 off all appetizers

This family friendly spot at 50th and France sports an upbeat post-work bar with some weekday specials and a coterie of petite cocktails. Do the mini-drinks and appetizers make it worth a swing to the southern suburb?

Drinking in a sunny, clean bar
Drinking in a sunny, clean bar

Venue: It's bright, cheery, and chatty at the Edina Grill's bar and quite busy on a weekday afternoon. Sun streams in the front window, revealing a clean bar and well-heeled but casual clientele. Some folks work on laptops, but the majority of the mixed-age crowd is smiling about something and enjoying the upbeat atmosphere--one not usually associated with drinking establishments. The full menu, in addition to the happy hour bits, is available in the bar area, as is table seating for those who prefer a lower chair.

Verdict: While these deals are only on during the week, we still appreciate two things about Edina Grill's happy hour--all the regular appetizers are half price (and not a skimpy happy hour size, either) and they make those adorable $3 petite cocktails, which may be a work-around of Edina's tough liquor laws. Regardless, the Hot Dish often finds themselves wanting to try a new beverage concoction, but unable to afford a high-octane libation, in the name of both spending and public safety. These cuties give you a chance to try a bit of fun without settling into a stupor. Our mini cucumber agave martini with pear liqueur, cucumber infused tequila, minty simple syrup and a salt rim hit the spot, along with a plate of pierogies that had a horseradish dipping sauce and fried onions on top. And the price tag--less than $10 for our mini happy hour feast. That gets our Hot Dish happy hour seal of approval.

Pierogies at an appetizing price
Pierogies at an appetizing price

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