Edina finally approves happy hour

A good way to save a buck in Edina

A good way to save a buck in Edina

The last city in the metro area without happy hour has finally conceded. The Star Tribune is reporting that the Edina City Council unanimously approved the measure. That should come as welcome news to restaurants like the Edina Grill, Salut, and Barrio, who have other locations that hadn't been held back by such restrictions. Edina has no bars, but restaurants were eager for the change.

When can we look forward to the discounts?
[jump] Legally, happy hour specials will be allowed starting this Thursday. There are a few restrictions: No two-for-ones, punch cards, games, or barters that promote drinking.

Interestingly, Mayor Jim Hovland told the Strib that most of the requests he'd received lately had come from elderly residents looking for light, early dinner options and "not-so-expensive" drinks. Do these guys know how to party or what?