Edina Cheesecake Factory sued by former employee


A former server at the Edina Cheesecake Factory says in a lawsuit filed this week in federal court that she was fired by the restaurant after being sexually harassed and subjected to racist behavior by her manager.

The woman, who is from Hopkins, alleges that her manager took particular issue with her friendship with the restaurant's Latino busboys, saying things like, "You really like those damn Mexicans, don't you?" and once, when the woman was kneeling near a microwave, "Wow, you just got here and you are already on your knees for the Mexicans."

The lawsuit also says that the manager often made comments about female servers' and customers' breasts, once telling her he was distracted by "titties flopping around everywhere."

The suit says that when the woman complained about the man's behavior, the restaurant started cutting her hours. She says she was also warned by the restaurant's general manager that she needed to "understand and embrace that in her passion of defending her beliefs and actions, she can come across very combative and disruptive."