Edible crayons: perfect for stoners

Edible crayons: perfect for stoners

For anyone who has ever had that irresistible urge--as a kid, or grownup-- to taste glue, eat raw pasta, sink your teeth into some delicious smelling Playdoh, or take a big ole bite out of a crayon or two, we have a couple of recipes for you.

Taking Martha Stewart-like craftiness to a whole 'nother cracked-out level, our friends at the blog Luxirare.com, those DIY-ers extraordinare, have created a recipe for edible crayons, so you can finally take that bite. The crayons are made from healthy ingredients like dried fruit, vegetables, seeds, and nuts, all crushed up and held together by melted marshmallows, then placed in a crayon shaped candy mold. The website has the ingredients listed to create each color (green is made with dried peas, which I find both gross and intriguing) as well as links to locate less common ingredients.

That recipe is super cool, but may only be suitable for DIY-ers possessing extraordinary time and patience. Here is a more user-friendly recipe--albeit, not healthy, at all. Gourmet Mom on-the-Go.com has a much easier edible crayon recipe, made with straight up melted candy. This recipe seems doable and even has a link to print the crayon label.

Pretty cool ideas here, although mostly suitable for a kid's birthday party or for those tokin' on the Mary Jane--warning: never mix these two groups of peeps, ever.

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