Edible advertising? Local papers aren't so sure

As publications scramble for innovative ways to generate ad revenue, marketers have had to go the distance to meet their changing needs. The Pennsylvania-based First Flavor is one such marketer. Its schtick? Lickable ads.

Welch's has run one for its grape juice in People Magazine. Rolling Stone had a mojito-flavored one for a promotion for the now-cancelled CBS show Cane. Will the Stib and the Pi Press follow suit?

A recent Economist article points out that doing so could give newspapers, many in their death throes, a shot of adrenaline. "Internet advertisements can do all sorts of things, but so far there is no way to transmit tastes electronically," they write.

The Strib says it currently has no plans to run lickable ads. The Pi Press didn't think so either. That won't keep us from imagining all the grotesque possibilities though.

There are some pretty awesome comments in response to the article:

"I kept looking for the expected sly, sardonic note. We're in a supposed 'green' revolution and still find it a fascinating idea to waste labor and paper to distribute processed chemicals purporting to represent something to eat?" - Tom Walker

"If they can get my newspaper to taste like a peperoni pizza, I'll renew my print subscription!" - BWGIA