EATS: A day of dining with food blogger/photographer Kate NG Sommers


Local foodie blogger and photographer Kate NG Sommers says even though she grew up around good food, she still frequently preferred a peanut butter sandwich on Wonder Bread to her dad's great cooking. She says she never really appreciated how sweet she had it until she got to college and was confronted with dining services fare. "I really recognized how great good food is and how much it meant to me," she says. Since then, Sommers has become very invested in food, both personally and professionally.

The Milwaukee native, who worked in management for Trader Joe's for several years, now works for the vegetarian frozen foods company Amy's Kitchen. On the side, she photographs weddings and other events, including, increasingly, food-related ones. She and her husband are avid cooks themselves when they have the time. The two also lived on an organic farm in Italy for several months. "I know that I'm always going to be working with food and care about food," she says

Cementing that commitment, Sommers has created a new food blog called Fork, Knife and Spoon. (Check it out for upcoming giveaways.) The site, which launched yesterday, features, most notably, Sommers' beautiful photos of many of the meals she and her husband prepare. For example, the two recently spent an entire weekend at home cooking homemade ravioli, brioche, and croque monsier, among other things -- photos of which are posted on the blog. Fork, Knife and Spoon replaces Sommers old blog, Images Petites, a mouthful of a name which she says she got tired of repeating and spelling out. You can check out some of her other work here.

Sommers took photos of what she ate and drank the entire day two Fridays ago and shared them with Hot Dish. Check out what a self-professed food snob dines on during a typical day:

Breakfast. Eggs with hot sauce, half an English muffin (Ezekiel Sprouted Grain), Amy's refried beans (with chilies) and a glass of Trader Joe's Garden Patch veggie drink.


"I try not to buy coffee from conglomerates like Starbucks, Caribou, and the like, but my boss was in town and I do not turn down free coffee. Medium dark roast with a splash of half and half and one cancer pack (Splenda is preferred)."

"I was offered some Triscuits at my friend's house before lunch. I said yes."

Lunch. "Holubet (stuffed cabbage roll) and sauerkraut at Kramarczuk's. I grew up drinking milk -- never allowed soda -- so sometimes I really crave it. Today was one of those days."

Had a bite each of friend's Szegedin Goulash and varenyky.

Most of a can of 21st Amendment Brewery's Hell or High Watermelon wheat beer, and some sips of her husband's Brew Free or Die! ale, both at 21st Amendment's Grumpy's NE release of their Monk's Blood beer.

Jack and soda with a splash of Diet Coke.

Dinner. "Homemade spaghetti carbonara with whole wheat spaghetti, Lorentz bacon and Shepherd's Way Friesago. Kyle [Sommers' husband] and I lived on organic farm in Italy a while back and this was pretty much standard fare. We make it when we're being lazy or are really jonesing for carbs."

About five squares of Trader Joe's dark chocolate. "Dark chocolate is my standard dessert, usually around 70% or darker."