Eating feats exposed: 12-egg omelets and six-pound burgers


Is it just me or are people alarmingly ok with risking their health and dignity for a mere t-shirt or their name on a wall of a lesser-known restaurant? (Remember when Homer gave it a shot? Read on ...)

A new website called Eat This and Die celebrates this pathology with reader-generated submissions of where you can go to attempt eating, say, five pounds of beef, 20 slices of cheese, 20 pieces of bacon, five pounds of fries, one half of a sour pickle and a fountain drink. (This all for your picture on the wall at Eagle's Deli and Restaurant in Brighton, Mass.)

There is but one Midwest submission so far, for the Black Otter Supper Club in Hortonville, Wis. It's one of the best challenges -- 10 pounds of prime rib for your pic on the wall, a t-shirt AND a $20 gift certificate (fancy that!) -- but I think we can do better.

Come on, Minnesotans, represent. Where can we perform some feats of eat up in this piece? If Homer can do it, so can we.

[Via Eat Me Daily]