Eat your way 'thru' the 2020 Minnesota State Fair in your car

Coming to a dashboard near you!

Coming to a dashboard near you!

And lo! It’s as if the Goddess of Grease and Fried Treats descended into the murk of our internets to banish the gloom for a moment, bearing with her good tidings borne straight from the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

She proclaimed: Though the State Fair may be canceled this year, all is not lost! The fairfolk have devised a way for those of us to get our kicks after all -- so long as your enjoyment comes in the form of chowing down big-time on stuff that's ripest during the waning days of summertime, and best enjoyed inside that bubble of magic between Falcon Heights and St. Paul…

(Admittedly, this news does nothing for all the 4H kids out there.)

The Minnesota State Fair has organized a “State Fair Food Parade” August 20-23, 27-30, and September 3-7. Sixteen vendors will give participants a chance to get their State Fair food fix by way of a drive-thru experience located along a 1.5 mile route along the fairgrounds; all food service will be conducted at vehicle windows in accordance with health and safety protocols, at a comfy social distance.

Participating food stops include major fair staples like Turkey to Go, Tom Thumb Donuts, Que Viet, Pronto Pups, West Indies Soul Food, Giggles’ Campfire Grill, Cheese On-A-Stick and Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade, The Hangar, El Sol Mexican Foods, and Sweet Martha’s Cookie Jar. All 16 vendors, full menus, and pricing can be found here.

Though its planners promise this will be a "multi-hour experience" no matter which way Sweet Martha's cookie crumbles, to avoid a full-on traffic nightmare, the event will be ticketed, and attendees must purchase their admission in advance. 

Tickets will be sold for specific days and arrival times, at a price of $20 (not including the cost of food purchases). That fare includes entrance for up to five people per vehicle, with proceeds supporting Minnesota State Fair operations. Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. on Friday, July 31 and are available online here.

Happy snacking-and-cruising… and good luck to those of us who drive stick!