Eat Street Social's tiki bar: Coming soon, for one year only

A bounty from the bar: Eat Street Social's specialty cocktails coming soon to pop-up patio
A bounty from the bar: Eat Street Social's specialty cocktails coming soon to pop-up patio

Emily Utne

For at least a year, Eat Street Social held the distinction of serving the most creative, complex, fresh-from-scratch, soda shoppe-inspired cocktails on Nicollet. Then Icehouse moved in, and even though their take is a little different (sipping shots, more emphasis on playful garnish, and gutsy flavor combinations), they undoubtedly upped the ante for the area. So what's a craft cocktail team to do? 

Nick Kosevich, co-owner of Bittercube and a driving force behind the bar program at Eat Street Social, told Mpls/St. Paul magazine his plan (which, for clarity's sake, is being formed not in retaliation, but absolutely in the spirit of change), and it involves wicker torches and pure pineapple juice. Let's start looking forward to patio season.

Eat Street confirms that it will be opening a new patio to the west of its building (on West 26th Street) this spring, and that it will come back each year with a new theme for that patio and its separate bar. The initial idea is to go tiki, but you won't find sickly sweet maraschino cherries here (unless they are preserved in-house and do not even faintly resemble a radioactive red bomb). Instead, Kosevich is promising orgeat (used to make a mean Mai Tai), allspice dram, lime syrups, and freshly squeezed juices -- all the things that have helped make Eat Street's drinks its signature, but now with a Polynesian flavor.

Expect citrus, expect fragrance, expect sweet subtlety, and drinks to soothe you into submission on otherwise unbearably sticky summer evenings. I don't know whether you should expect an umbrella in your drink, though there must be some local company or crafty individual who is making their own artisan cocktail umbrellas. If so, I urge you to reach out and hook up with Eat Street Social before the season gets into full swing and they are already making plans for the 2014 patio theme. (Fingers crossed they go full-blown Sea Punk.)

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