Eat Street Social's Spring Fever: A drink of the week that's living on the edge

A cocktail that sings and stings at Eat Street Social
A cocktail that sings and stings at Eat Street Social
Kelly Moritz

Spring Fever Eat Street Social $10

There's spring fever, and there's cabin fever, and never the twain shall meet? With May Day come and gone, and snow on the horizon yet again, the two have fast become one and the same. With a gorgeous, short-lived spate of nice days a distant memory, soothe your feverish mind and spirit at Eat Street Social, where you can sip on their booze-laced version of Spring Fever and bask in a fleeting bouquet of citrus, light, and a specialty ingredient straight from the garden.

Not basil, not mint, or any of the usual arsenal of herbal and botanical ingredients here, but bee pollen, super food panacea to some, deadly to others. "Any allergies?" our server asked, and things got quiet. To bee stings? To plants in general? To furry foreign objects floating in our ten dollar cocktail? Depending on where you are in your night and whether or not you have an EpiPen handy, decide accordingly if you'll partake in Spring Fever.

Fuzzy granules of pollen visually steal the show in this cocktail, both innocent and ominous. Our first sip left a tingling on the lips and tongue and flushed the cheeks, but other than a honey-sweet scent on the nose, the real heft of flavor in the drink is bright lemon and house made crème de flora, a potent mix of botanicals that all but drowns out the mild 45th Parallel vodka. Spring Fever takes its name literally, smacking the palate with the fresh citrus, floral flavors and light, easy-sipping booze of warmer months, but if you're at all concerned about an adverse reaction, try American Slang, an equally refreshing and sparkling number with all the spring and none of the anaphylactic shock.

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Eat Street Social

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