Eat Street Buddha Kitchen is closed

Eat Street Buddha Kitchen is closed
Benjamin Carter Grimes
A sad and surprising bit of news from the possibly doomed corner of Nicollet and W. 26th Street: Hot Dish tipsters clued us in on the news that Eat Street Buddha Kitchen unexpectedly and abruptly closed at midnight on Tuesday. 

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It's a familiar story for this storefront. After its former tenant Azia closed in 2010, the space sat empty for several months while Azia owner Tom Pham toyed around with the idea of opening a re-vamp to be called Azia Market Bar & Restaurant. Those plans eventually fizzled, but left the lease available to East Street Buddha Kitchen, a restaurant that boasted a similar fusion agenda.

They opened to mostly positive reviews, with particular focus on their creative cocktails and well-stocked raw bar. Eat Street Buddha Kitchen also made lots of breakfast fiends -- the Hot Dish included -- very happy with their banana cream pie-inspired French toast.

No one on the management staff could be reached for comment, but the restaurant's website is no longer live and their Facebook and Twitter accounts have been disabled. If you have more information about this closing, please email us.

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