Eat burgers, drink rosé, and get a sneak peek at Tiny Diner’s newest sibling

Hello, rosé!

Hello, rosé! Getty Images/iStockphoto

This weekend, you can learn a little more about the restaurant that’s heading to the former Cafe Maude space, including -- maybe -- its name.

The south Minneapolis standby shuttered in July, and other than promising to "respect the space’s French heritage while adding California influences and taking advantage of the existing wood-fire grill" in a June release announcing her takeover of the location, restaurateur Kim Bartmann has been keeping it cryptic when discussing the latest concept to join Tiny Diner, Barbette, and the rest of her growing eight-restaurant mini-empire.

But lo, like a letter slipped surreptitiously under the door, there appeared in our inbox this week a still cryptic but ever-so-slightly less so invitation to check out a “sneak peek” of the new restaurant at a Burgers & Rosé Tasting this Saturday.

So! Is Burgers & Rosé the name of the restaurant? Tied into the concept?

Drumroll, please…

It’s neither. Just a food and a drink that go great together, says Bartmann, adding that she’s actually wanted to do an event like this for a few years, and now, conveniently, has the empty parking lot to do it in.

It may be fall, but damn if that should stop you from sipping pink wine.

It may be fall, but damn if that should stop you from sipping pink wine. Bartmann Group

When it comes to additional info, Bartmann isn’t willing to fork it over -- yet. She’ll tell us only that while the reno isn’t quite finished, the banquettes have been installed and at least some of the paint will have dried by Saturday. “The bar top may or may not be done; beer towers may or may not be installed,” she chuckles.

One thing that is final is the name, but you’ll have to head to Saturday’s event if you want to be one of the first to know it. Bartmann’s planning to use the parking lot party for the big reveal.

The tasting is a ticketed event, but Bartmann says she won’t shoo you away if you show up day-of. As for the burgers: They’ll be made with tarragon-shallot butter “and various other normal things,” and served with fries and some kind of veggie. There’ll be a meatless burger for the vegetarian and vegan crowd and hot dogs for kids.

And if you’re one of those who's not tickled pink by rosé's blooming popularity, you’ll be able to grab beer and cocktails inside at that maybe-finished bar.