Eastside, Linden Hills, and the Wedge Co-ops may consolidate

Eastside, The Wedge, and Linden Hills are considering a coop consolidation.

Eastside, The Wedge, and Linden Hills are considering a coop consolidation.

Some consumers have their co-op member numbers memorized, ready to rattle off as quickly as a Social Security number. An affiliation with your local co-op can mean more than just supporting local and sustainable:  It's about neighborhood connections, community, and identity. 

But as Eastside Food Co-op, Linden Hills Co-op and the Wedge Community Co-op all complete renovations this year, the three are considering a consolidation. Individual identity or no, there is strength in numbers.

Each organization stresses that it is thriving, and that the move would be simply to work together in order to better compete with more grocery stores crowding into the market. The co-ops would consolidate finances and buying power. 

No other immediate changes to staffing, wages, pricing or union status are expected.

If you're a shopper wondering how all this affects you and your beloved brands and products, the co-ops say that the products will remain largely the same, and each store would retain its name and individual identity. 

Nothing is a go yet. In order to make the move, it would require approval by a two-thirds majority of members.

But if the change moves through, other local co-ops could also join in the future.

Eastside Co-op

2551 Central Ave NE., Mpls


Linden Hills Co-op

3815 Sunnyside Ave., Mpls.


The Wedge Co-op

2105 Lyndale Ave. S., Mpls.