Eagle Street Grill or CNN Grill?

The co-owner of St. Paul's Eagle Street Grill discusses how CNN rented his restaurant during the Republican National Convention and converted it into the CNN Grill.

The other day, a friend was talking about the Capital One Bowl and I realized that in the decade-plus since I've watched a college football game all the bowl names transitioned from the quaintly named "Orange" or "Cotton" bowls to the "Corporate Sponsor X Sugar Bowl" and finally to dropping the neutral name entirely, leaving us with--I kid you not, the " Bowl" and the "Chick-fil-A Bowl."

In any case, it made me wonder if we'll start seeing corporate sponsorship of restaurants...the only case that came to mind was the one-week CNN Grill duriing the RNC. I was out of town during the convention so I didn't experience it personally--did anybody get a chance to check out the CNN Grill when it was in town?