Dust off that MFA: Izzy's Ice Cream is now hiring poets

Fly on the viewless wings of Poesy and mocha almond fudge

Fly on the viewless wings of Poesy and mocha almond fudge

Calling all frozen dessert bards! Izzy's Ice Cream is now accepting applications -- in the form of haikus. That's right, for 25 job-seekers wishing to scoop their summers away behind barrels of flavors like Summit Oatmeal Stout, Salted Caramel, and Mango Django, the dream job is just a lick of poetry away.

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The brainchild of Izzy's and Saint Paul arts organization, Dangerous Productions, this new hiring process requires the most creative ice cream associates-to-be to submit a written, audio, or visual haiku about their most memorable ice cream experience. After their applications are received, they will follow a set of instructions to attend a "hiring party" where they will be vetted in the next step of the process.

With openings spanning from customer service to kitchen staff at both the Minneapolis and St. Paul locations, Izzy's is using this creative, Google-esque technique to attract a certain type of applicant.

"Haikus are accessible, meticulous, and have a latent curiosity in them," says Izzy's General Manager Shannon Leach. "These are values we would love to see in anybody we hire."

Write on future scoopers, write on.

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