Duplex closes in Uptown

The 2006 and 2007 winner of the Best Restaurant for a First Date and famous peddler of poutine, Duplex Restaurant on Hennepin announced that after six years in business it is  closing its doors for good.

The restaurant has yet to issue a press release, but neighbors of the Uptown establishment reported that owners posted a hand-written sign on December 15. The reasons for closing remain unclear at this point, but back in September the Hot Dish reported that Duplex, among others, had been fined by the city of Minneapolis for illegally buying alcohol. The restaurant was placed on a "liquor posting," preventing owners from purchasing any alcohol until they had paid back taxes.

Before announcing it would close, Duplex had offered a deal through Groupon that wasn't set to expire until March 2012. Groupon gives refunds for vouchers that could not be redeemed due to a business closing.

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