Dulceria Bakery will close this month, throw one last 'farewell party'


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One of south Minneapolis’s most inclusive, beloved bakeries has just announced that its days are coming to an end.

In a letter dated February 11, Dulce Monterrubio addressed her "querida communidad" to inform them that Dulceria Bakery will be closing before the end of the month. 

Monterrubio continued to say that Dulceria, “started in 2016 as an act of resistance, healing and support for communities directly impacted by the hateful rhetoric and actions of our very own President flourished into a beautiful space of belonging, community action, and modern pan dulce enjoyment.” 

From the moment it opened, Dulceria gained a well-earned reputation for inclusivity in addition to incredible treats. From day one, this very publication praised its ability to balance classic and modern interpretations of baked goods found in Mexico City with special twists unique to Minnesota. Moreover, its cases were stocked with unexpected plant-based options (especially on "Vegan Viernes") like their mango conchas and traditional Mexican offerings, like alegrias.

All the while, Monterrubio was putting in the work to make her tiny bakery a refuge by hosting events designed to heal, uplift, empower, and fundraise for local marginalized communities.

Unfortunately, Monterrubio ended up coming to terms with the very human toll this simultaneous community-building while business-running had taken on her. “After our January break, it became clear to me that the level of physical and emotional investment needed to sustainably grow Dulceria without compromising its role as a community building space (and my well being) is beyond what I can realistically continue to do," she explained.

No matter how valued and loved a business may be, it's impossible to begrudge a fellow being that understanding. Dulceria will maintain regular hours through its final day of business on February 22, at which point all that will remain on their to-do list is throwing one last in-store party to celebrate those sweet, beautiful years together.

We sincerely encourage readers to spend two minutes engaging with Monterrubio’s full letter. It leaves little question as to how thought-out this decision has been. She even added an FAQ section to Dulceria’s website for lingering questions, right down to the most minor details like gift cards and when you can (still!) continue to order custom cakes. 


Dulceria Bakery
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