Duck, Duck, Grey Duck at Coup d'État: Play up your regional pride with this drink of the week


Duck, Duck, Grey Duck Coup d'Etat $10

When it comes to the folks of the upper Midwest and their habits and ways, there's more than meets the eye. Giant sleeping bag-sized coats hide the most stylish of ensembles, while oft frosty exteriors can melt to reveal some of the most gushing, generous, actual "Minnesota nice" people this side of the Mississippi. So, too, goes the new cocktail list at Coup d'État, spearheaded by Jesse Held of former Town Talk and Eat Street Social renown: It's simple, understated, a little withholding, but well worth the effort.

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First up on your "getting to know you" agenda here at the newly opened multi-level bar and restaurant should be the Duck, Duck, Grey Duck, categorized as a "Pack a Punch" drink (the other categories are currently "Easy Drinking" and "Classic"). Perfect for your first time at a brand new place, this cocktail is subtly adventurous without being too over the top. Bartender Tyler starts with a mezcal spritz, then stirs up a combination of earl grey infused tequila and a touch of Velvet Falernum poured over rocks with a fat orange twist.

While the view from the top of Coup d'Etat is nice, we recommend a spot at the expansive four-sided bar. It's the focal point of the restaurant, and this bar is clearly focused on the drinks, with tools, fresh fruits, and swing-top glass jars of black and green olives on display alongside tasteful mercury glass votives.

On offer is a compact and thoughtful list of tasty drinks, a little something for all tastes that doesn't try too hard to please the masses with an overwhelmingly long and overwrought cocktail list. Alongside sophisticated dishes like grilled oysters and bone marrow with toast, concoctions like the Every Rosé Has Its Thorn aperitif and a classic, well-built Side Car will shine. Add to the all-star drinks some dark and sexy decor and downright friendly service and you've got a new Uptown friend in Coup d'État. Yes, it will take some time to get to know her, but you definitely should try.

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