Duck Donuts announces first Minnesota location

They didn't reinvent the donut, but Duck does put their own spin on it.

They didn't reinvent the donut, but Duck does put their own spin on it. Facebook: Duck Donuts

Let's get this out of the way up front: If they're moving into Minnesota, shouldn't they start calling themselves Gray Duck Donuts?

We'll take it up with the folks at Duck Donuts, who announced this week that the chain's first Minnesota shop is waddling into Woodbury. It'll be the 70-somethingeth location for the Carolina-born sweeterie, which opened in 2007 and has since expanded to more than 25 states.

In a metro that already has nearly every kind of deep-fried dough (artisanal, old-schoolsuper-tiny, made out of macaroni and cheese), how can this sugary new entrant possibly hope to set itself apart?

Incredibly, Duck Donuts actually does manage to offer something different. Their slogan is "warm, delicious, and made to order," which is the selling point here: Duck's a build-it-yourself operation.

You sidle up to the counter like you would at Subway and choose from a variety of spreads and sprinkles, then the dough is dropped in the fryer right before your eyes while you drool/dream up your ideal combo of toppings (bacon, coconut, crushed Oreos, drizzled icing, etc.). They're served warm -- another selling point, as that MN winter chill has already started setting in.

Duck will open up at 7455 Currell Blvd., and soon: A job listing posted earlier this week promises a start date of November 27.

Check out the video below to see the DIY donut operation in action.