Drinksgiving is coming. Be hungover… better with this cookbook.


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No matter what you choose to call the Wednesday before ThanksgivingDrinksgiving, Blackout Wednesday, whateverchances are decent we’re about to do a number on your liver and your head tomorrow evening. It's the biggest bar night of the year, and few escape unscathed.

Since no one wants to feel like garbage in front of the family on Thanksgiving Day, former Village Voice restaurant critic Lauren Shockey has created an actual tome of solutions for when your head is pounding, the floor feels wobbly (or maybe that’s your legs?), and the dooms are closing in fast….

Just in time for the holidays, she’s released a cookbook tailor-made to soothe the Spirit (and spirits) of Nights of Drinking Past. She’s called it Hangover Helper

In her new cookbook, Shockey catalogues 50 of the most tried and true hangover cures from around the world. Some are simple and we could see coming a mile away, like Pepperoni Pizza Bagel, chilaquiles, and a full English breakfast. Other recipes in Shockey’s arsenal pull from outside well-tread Western curative lines, delivering tempting options like South Korea’s kongnamul gukbap bean sprout stew and ochazuke, a light green tea and rice soup made with other (more negotiable) ingredients favored by the Japanese. 

Perhaps solids are just plain out of the question? The cookbook also includes liquid palliatives for mornings when hair-of-the-dog is a must. Mexico’s tried-and-true michelada made the cut, as did Shockey’s recipe for a pickle brine bloody. In case the night before proved revelatory and life-changing, she’s also included non-spirit-based cures to start you off on a newfound path to purity.

You did this. Now fix it.

You did this. Now fix it. Courtesy of Lauren Shockey / Hangover Helper

Once you’ve recovered from this week’s festivities in whatever manner you deem necessary, find Hangover Helper on shelves at your local bookstore or online.