DrinkFly App Brings Fuss-Free Alcohol Delivery to Minneapolis


We've done it, you've done it, we all do it: miscalculate the booze you've got on hand to get through the night, or to get through the hangover.

If you've had one too many -- or one too few -- getting off your duff to set things straight can be a real bummer, and maybe against the law if you're contemplating a tipsy ride.

Enter DrinkFly, otherwise known as What the Smartphone Was Invented For. A few taps of the fingertip and you're back in the drink.

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Brothers Alex and Will Cullen decided, you know, "there should be an app for that" while working in their dad's restaurant in Chicago, which also happened to have a liquor store next door.

"People would always call and say, 'When you bring me that cheese pizza, will you also bring me a bottle of Jameson?'"

Alas, they could not -- the law would not allow it -- but the idea for DrinkFly was born.

Currently delivering drinks into the hands of Chicagoans, the app will be fully functional for areas of Minneapolis by next week. They're relying on liquor stores that already have a delivery service available, but the app will streamline the process by sending an email to the store. Tap your address into the app to determine whether you're within delivery range.

There are no additional charges to the customer nor to the liquor store, as the company business model hopes to rely on advertisement for a revenue stream. Prices, and inventory, are the same as they would be on liquor store shelves.

DrinkFly promises delivery in 60 minutes or less, and delivery drivers will accept payment at the door.

The app can be downloaded with iTunes or Google Play, or via the DrinkFly website.

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