Drink Summit on a boat and celebrate Surly this week in food

Celebrate the power of the pint on Saturday

Celebrate the power of the pint on Saturday

We were tempted to come up with a Seussian rhyme for all the ways and places you can enjoy a pint this week (On a boat? At a patio? In Surly's backyard?) but we'd rather sip than stress over rhyme schemes, especially when this week offers so many excellent options.


6/13 Having a patio is always a good excuse to throw a party, as Enjoy! in Apple Valley has figured out. Diners can take in the summer sunshine while gobbling up a three-course meal and glass of sangria as live music plays in the background. And bring your friends: For every five people who reserve a spot, your group gets one person free. $35 per person, and reservations can be made by calling 952.891.6569

6/14 Looking for an excuse to learn more about Scotch? Then Ginger Hop has your back: The Glenlivet Scotch Seminar with Brand Ambassador Winston Evans will school students on "The Single Malt That Started It All" on Tuesday. Taste five varieties of Glenlivet scotch from youngest to oldest and learn why age matters. Tasters will also learn the history, ingredients, and care of good scotch. Each product will be paired with an hors d'oeuvre that showcases its special flavors and nuances. The event begins at 6:30 p.m. and costs $30. Advanced reservations required by calling 612.746.0304.

6/15 You're on a boat! And there's beer! And it's summer! Yes, you've peaked. Join Summit founder Mark Stutrud on the Paradise Destiny for a six-course beer pairing dinner by Biella Restaurant on Lake Minnetonka. And yes, every course (even dessert) uses Summit as a key ingredient. Doesn't chocolate cheesecake with Summit Great Northern Porter sound intriguing? Reserve your spot for this 6 p.m. dinner ( at $75 a pop) by calling 952.474.4745

6/16 Woolley's Steakhouse in Bloomington is hosting "Around the World with Chateau St. Michelle," a culinary tour of four wine regions meant to encourage diners to interact with interesting wines and the food that pairs with them. The event will feature nine wines from Washington, Italy, California, and New Zealand, and executive chef Peter Christenson will create four paired buffets, one for each wine region. For example, New Zealand will feature scallops and lamb canapés, while Italy offers grilled calamari and braised short ribs. The cost is $45, and reservations can be made at 952.854.1010.

6/18 The 'Surly Bill' passed into Minnesota law last month, and Surly Brewery is giving credit where credit is due: You. Enjoy free admission to the Power of the Pint party, where a variety of Surly beers will be available as well as local musical acts like Gay Witch Abortion, Pink Mink, and Nightosaur. Food will also be on hand from vendors such as Famous Dave's, Big River Pizza, Natedog, and Big Bell Ice Cream. The party runs from 2 to 6 p.m., and we'll say it again: It's free. Go get your drink on.

Soon to be not in sketch-only form

Soon to be not in sketch-only form

6/19 Think your kids won't go near a root to save their ice cream-ingesting lives? Think again. The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum is making the root the center of its Weekend Family Fun, where families can drop in, bake a delicious roasted root snack, and enjoy plenty of related root activities. Best of all, it's free with regular admission of $9 adults, $0 for kids under 15 (yup, free). Come by any time between noon and 4 p.m.