Drink of the week: Zywiec beer at Nye's


photos by Steve Neuharth

Zywiec Beer

Nye's Polonaise Room
112 E. Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis

Who doesn't love Nye's? I love Nye's so much that I wrote a haiku in their honor.

Glittered booth. Polka
Ms. Lou sings
"The Piano Man"
Some things never change.

Beer is my drink of choice at Nye's. And not just any beer--Polish beer, of course. My favorite is Zywiec (pronounced ziv-e-itch) . Zywiec beer is smooth, not too heavy and slightly sweet. It goes well with polka--the label even features a dancing Polish couple. Zywiec is a perfect accompaniment to Nye's hearty sausage, ribs and sauerkraut fare (not to mention that lovely pickled veggie tray that starts out the meal). How can you argue with an evening of beer, Polish food and polka?

By the way, we would love to read your haiku for Nye's. Post them in the comments and don't forget to have a barrel of fun!


If Nye's looks like this when you are leaving, be sure to take a cab.