Drink of the Week: W Hotel's Truth or Consequences

Drink of the Week: W Hotel's Truth or Consequences

Truth or Consequences
W Hotel
Foshay Tower
821 Marquette Ave., Mpls.
(Available at either the Prohibition or Living Room bars)

Truth or Consequences: the name conjures the image of a dive bar in a dusty border town, the bartender with a shotgun behind the counter, and an old dog sleeping out front.

Drink of the Week: W Hotel's Truth or Consequences

The W Hotel is about as far from that scenario as you can get. With the sleek stylings, velvety seating and tony decor-- I doubt an old dog has ever been anywhere near the place. Which does not mean that this cocktail is not worthy of its moniker: this drink could scare off a rattlesnake. I mean that in the very best way.

Made with chile-infused Patron silver tequila and Grand Marnier, muddled with fresh pineapple and cilantro, then blended with agave nectar and fresh lime juice the results are exquisite and complicated. I actually said "This might be the best drink, ever."The flavors are beautifully layered: first sweet, then savory, citrusy, salty and finally spicy. And if all that were not enough, the cocktail is also served with a mini-Corona beer--The Coronita-- a perfect finishing touch.

Although the scaring off of rattlesnakes will likely be unnecessary, you should still pull on your fancy-pantaloons and ramble down the dusty trail to try this drink-- as General Manager Brian Johnson says, "have a few of these and you'll be blurting out the truth without regard to consequences."

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