Drink of the Week: Vodka Gimlet

Drink of the Week: Vodka Gimlet

Party on* Time was, you ordered a vodka gimlet in these parts and you got it with a wedge of lime, a pair of filberts, and served up in a glass made of actual glass.

It would be easy to point to a $7 iteration of this beverage lacking all of the above accoutrements as a sad sign of the times. But we'll let you in on a secret. All a good vodka gimlet needs is three parts vodka (Pavlova works as well as Belvedere), one part Rose's Lime Juice, ice, and something clean and size-appropriate to drink it out of.

By this measure, Champps [sic] Americana's vodka gimlet, ordered heavy on the Rose's, gets a solid, passing grade. But Drink of the Week?!

Try having it close at hand while watching helplessly as an over-the-hill singer from a Van Halen cover band dangles his arm around an attractive (much) younger blonde from the (miniscule) audience as he (ramblingly) fantasizes about sexually assaulting her. The drink beside you is something to look at with seeming distraction in order to keep the ghastly, pathetic attentions of the creep at bay. If that's not worth an honor of some sort, we don't know what is.

Champps [sic] Sports Bar & Cafe www.champps.com 100 N 6th St, Minneapolis 612-335-5050

*The vaguely visible lime wedge in the picture was transferred from my generous wife's vodka tonic.

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