Drink of the week: Tullamore Dew and ginger ale at The Kitty Cat Klub

Photos by Steve Neuharth

Tullamore Dew and Ginger Ale

Kitty Cat Klub
313 14th Ave. NE., Minneapolis

Hi there drinky-drinkersons. This week, we're checking out a little concoction made with tasty Irish whiskey, brought to us from The Kitty Cat Klub.

Our uber-friendly bartender, Katey, suggested this drink and she told us a cool fact: Tullamore Dew was the Irish whiskey that Sean Penn drank in the movie Mystic River. And ginger ale is Tullamore Dew's best friend. This drink is both delicious and wicked strong--no-nonsense, like Sean P.

Once you drink your wicked strong drink, it is easy to get real comfy-cozy at the KCK.
If you are with a "special friend" you might even find yourself getting your public make-out on. With tons of comfy pillows, cool bohemian decor, and flattering lighting, The KCK brings back the vibe of the old Loring--a place of Minneapolis legend where many a public make-out session took place (or so I've heard...).

So my point is (yes, I have one)--if you are feeling frisky, drink yourself some Irish whiskey at the nifty Kitty Cat Club. Tell Katey I sent you.

PS: I would love to hear your ideas for future Drink of the Week selections--please post your suggestions in comments.